Dear WWE Creative, Kofi Kingston’s WWE Title Reign

Dear WWE Creative is a weekly column that addresses differing topics within the WWE. This week's "letter" is all about to Kofi Kingston's WWE title reign.

Dear WWE Creative,

It’s been a crazy week in the land of the WWE, and while the Wild Card Rule received mixed reviews by fans, one big thing that it did was allow Kofi Kingston, WWE World Heavyweight Champion, to shine.

To be frank, Kofimania coming out on top at Wrestlemania 35 felt awesome, but as most fans, I wasn’t sure how long it would last. I also wasn’t sure if Kingston would remain a paper champion, or if there would be true direction around his title reign. Was his win a fluke? Was it just to appease fans and them a feel-good moment? I guess there was a part of me that assumed Kofi would drop his championship shortly after the Grandest Stage of Them All; not that he or his fans would want that sort of thing to occur, but this is the WWE, and while WM was very feel-good, what would the fallout be around it all?

The booking of Kofi Kingston since Wrestlemania has been nothing short of phenomenal. Kingston is undeniably a talent in that squared circle and can entertain fans with his aerial maneuvers and overall character charm. While slapping high-level gold was something he and the company stumbled into, Kingston has more than proven himself in the aftermath of his championship win.

WWE Creative and management have also proven to be behind Kingston during this time as well.

Let’s take this week as a fine example. You have the Wild Card Rule in effect; you have five top faces on RAW this week (Roman Reigns, The Man, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, and Kofi Kingston), where Kingston was chosen to be in the main event; a match where he would cleanly defeat the NEW Daniel Bryan … again … solidifying the idea that Kofi’s WM 35 win was by no means a “fluke”.

The WWE Championship was the main event on a show where the Universal title holds the top spot, and Kofi pulled out the win.

Fast forward to the following night on SmackDown LIVE, fewer top faces; however, Kingston is once again front and center for the closing match of the show; once again successfully defending his WWE World Heavyweight Championship in a triple threat match.

Two main event wins, back-to-back in two nights, against three highly-talent superstars in Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, and Sami Zayn, and Kofi comes out on top. Not only did he shine, but he did so against adversity. The stumbling block in not having Xavier Woods (or Big E) by his side on Monday (where he held his own well); Kevin Owens interfering Tuesday, and Kofi still coming out on top, in a triple threat match where anyone else could’ve been pinned and Kingston would have lost the championship. That’s the way you book a superstar that you are invested in; that’s proof of listening to your fans and building up a face.


Whatever comes Kofi’s way moving forward, his WWE title run is off to a solid start. Two consecutive wins, two nights in a row, is nothing to snuff at, and is a great start to what should be a successful championship reign. He may break records, he may not; however, the fact that Kingston has won that gold and has retained it within high-level matches on television, with odds stacked against him, is a good start either way.





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