Brock's MITB Boom Box Block Party

Dear WWE Creative,

It’s been another crazy week in the land of pro wrestling. From the buzz around AEW and their Double or Nothing event, to Sami Zayn dropping his infamous A-E-W bomb on Monday Night RAW, not to mention another stellar Firefly Funhouse epi; there have certainly been plenty of highs in the business. Having said that, when it comes to the WWE specifically, there have been plenty of lows overall. DoN took plenty of jabs at the company this past Saturday, both RAW and SmackDown LIVE were mediocre at best this week, offering too much fluff and not enough focus when it comes to storylines on WWE television.

One aspect of RAW that got mixed reviews was Brock Lesnar. Appearing on Monday Night RAW for the second week in a row (is that a record for The Beast …), he sported a new attitude, with a Money in the Bank (MITB) briefcase that resembled a boom box. Advocate Paul Heyman even had an added step to his style, and two acted as more of a comedic side show, when they both danced their way into the ring, and dare I say, our heart.


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Not everyone is down with the #BrockParty… #RAW @wwerollins

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Okay, that last line was a joke, but in all seriousness, yes, Brock’s Block Party was a bit hockey; however, it was refreshing to see a lighter side to The Beast Incarnate, and his Advocate. And playing on the fact that Lesnar doesn’t watch wrestling, therefore, how would he know he had a full year to cash in that contract was a great way to shed light on his part-time status, and the fact that there is a fan-wide perception that he really doesn’t give a rat’s butt about this business. Kudos, for his paper slap of Heyman – nice added touch.

Some fans didn’t care much for the segments, or the fact that Lesnar was sprinkled all over the program; many fans on social media also felt that with the build around Brock making a MITB decision that night was a disappointment, as no decision was made. Most in general think Lesnar gets too much airtime and spotlight as it is.

I get that. I agree about too much airtime, but Brock is the MITB briefcase holder, and it is what it is; however, I’m glad no decision was made on a cash-in. Perhaps Brock “pondering” who he should cash in on was a way to utilize Lesnar, create a cash-in tease, without having to actually wipe away his MITB storyline. It’s a different way to tease a cash-in, without doing it the way its always been done (i.e. MITB winner feverishly runs to the ring, pointing to his case and then the champion, trying to grab a referee, only to back-pedal – we’ve seen this done a thousand times).

I found Brock’s Block Party to be refreshing, entertaining, and I’m glad Lesnar didn’t cash-in. I like the MITB storylines that last a bit longer that night-of cash. While I think the way Dean Ambrose played his 2017 cash-in storyline was perfect, same could be said for Alexa Bliss in 2018; plus, I’m ever-grateful Bayley is holding that SmackDown LIVE Women’s Championship right now, versus Charlotte Flair; however, the quick cash-in only creates instant gratification. The MITB contracts are something that should offer months of speculation, teases, and then a quick (and shocking) cash-in. Win or lose; cash-ins that come out of the blue are spectacular.

As for happy-go-lucky, “I don’t give AF” Brock Lesnar, well, I enjoyed watching a change, perhaps evolution if you will, of the character.

In a week filled with on a few highlights, and mostly boring and confusing segments, the Brock MITB Block Party offered something different, and entertaining.