Dolph Ziggler

Dear WWE Creative,

With all the craziness unfolding this week during WWE’s programing that received mixed reviews – from Brock Lesnar snagging the Mr. Money in the Bank crown, to the new24/7 Championship revealed by Hall of Famer Mick Foley  on RAW- a true highlight worth noting was the return of heel Dolph Ziggler.

Most word agree, Ziggler’s segments were both spot-on.

And what a way to come back! As The Beast’s Advocate, Paul Heyman, lingered on the ramp, holding that MITB briefcase after Kofi Kingston’s match on SmackDown LIVE, teasing a potential cash-in, Ziggler swooped in with a surprise attack. Only later to provide a solid promo on the reason behind his hate-on for Kingston, and to help set up a match for the Super Show Down (SSD) event taking place on June 7th.

Kofi versus Dolphie just makes sense. These Saudi pay-per-views (PPV) typically showcase legends and veterans on the roster, bringing some out of retirement, and it seems crystal-clear that Ziggler is in a transition with the WWE; working a part-time schedule, which also gives him the opportunity to pursue stand-up comedy ventures. So, a title shot at this event will not only help solidify Kingston’s WWE title run, but also appease fans at this PPV, and those attending the event live.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: babyface or heel, Dolph Ziggler is highly entertaining and a legend in the WWE at this point in his career. He’s created a legacy he should be proud of in that squared circle; from 2012 Mr. MITB, to Intercontinental Championship reigns, Tag Team Championship reigns, U.S. Title accolades, as well as World Heavyweight titles under his belt; making him a WWE Triple Crown Champ, not something every superstar in the company can boast about.

Am I looking forward to the buildup to this program? Absolutely! Looking forward to the actual match as well. As Kofi broadens his horizons and breaks away (somewhat) from his New Day faction to shine in singles competition, overcoming a seasoned opponent like Ziggler will offer him yet another notch on his belt of successful title defense; continue to add credibility to Kofi’s championship run and prove that he certainly isn’t a “paper” champ that created to appease fans during (and a little post) Wrestlemania season.

With both challenger and Champion being superstars that enjoy high-flying, action-packed matches that are quick in pace, I expect this one to be one that will keep fans glued to their screen (that is, if they decide not to boycott SSD), and I for one am very excited to see both Dolph and Kingston lock up.




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