AEW – WWE Jab Could Help Bring Kayfabe Back To Life

Why does WWE continue to ignore the elephant in the room? AEW references could only help create hype on TV programming, and bring kayfabe back to life.

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) produced a solid first showing to the professional wrestling party this weekend with their Double or Nothing (DON) event that took place this past Saturday, May 25th. Sure, there may have been some issues with production, and many fans have mixed reviews around the commentary; however, when it came to the big matches and storytelling (looking at you Dustin and Cody), not to mention nice surprise appearances in Bret and Jon Moxley, the show overall, did deliver, and delivered well.

One thing I enjoyed was Cody’s reference to the WWE and HHH; during his entrance, Cody was handed a sledgehammer by his wife, Brandi, and he’d head up the ramp, only to destroy a throne that looked very much like the one that HHH has been known to sit on, time and time again.

Some on Twitter loved the symbolism around the segment, as Rhode’s officially declared “war” on the WWE; while others believed it was a cheap shot on Cody’s part.

Here’s my stance. If either company wants to truly get their fans excited, then its time for them to throw around some cheap shots. While we all know pro wrestling is predetermined, and most talents, for the most part, don’t have the animosity towards each other, as they tend to relay within the programs they work, there’s nothing wrestling audiences love to watch more than a little truth placed within that squared circle; especially when it deals with animosity. It helps to add to any storytelling; it enhances programs; it creates a real feel within a land of fiction; it blurs the lines between “real” and “fake”.

So, kayfabe is dead, and it’s been dead for years; however, what if we could get a taste of Kayfabe now and again? Does anyone really think Triple H was overly bothered by Cody’s reference at DON? Maybe, but I doubt a successful wrestler and businessman of HHH’s caliber did. Cody’s sledgehammer move not only shed light to WWE, but even HHH as a brand and character entity. Interesting how no words were spoken, but everyone knew who Rhodes was referring to, and what he was getting at. That’s a testimony to HHH’s longevity and character evolution. In turn, I’d like to believe that a little part of Hunter may feel happy and proud of Cody and what he’s done. After all, HHH was close to Dusty, and we all know the American Dream would was smiling down on both of his sons last Saturday, and their accomplishments. Alternatively, I don’t think Rhodes overly resents the WWE; why would he? Leaving the company was the best thing for him and his career. But, I do believe Rhodes is doing this to create added hype for his new promotion.

Meanwhile, WWE fans anxiously awaited some sort of response to AEW’s weekend venture this past Monday Night RAW, and while we got very little, Sami Zayn’s mere mention of All Elite Wrestling (not saying anything more than “AEW” – nothing negative or positive) sparked a huge reaction from the live crowd and social media.

In the end, while AEW may rock WWE’s boat, the brand is most-likely not going anywhere anytime soon, and there are more than enough wrestling fans to go around and stay connected to both companies. Heck, when I was a little girl, with a plethora of promotions, I watched all of them. Besides, AEW’s demographic truly only targets a portion of WWE’s pie. Regardless, there is enough of it to go around.

So, I say both companies should take some jabs here and there; incorporate some innuendos during both their programs. The fans want it, and why try and pretend that the WWE doesn’t exist or vice-versa. Both companies should feed off each other in this regard; the idea is not that either feel threatened, rather, it’s giving the people what they want. A little kayfabe in the mix never hurt, and it’ll provide a little extra bit of entertainment in the long run.

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