More on Zayn-AEW + Jon Moxley Speaks Out

-Wrestling fans were buzzing about Sami Zayn name-dropping All Elite Wrestling during Monday Night RAW. Zayn, as part of the first ever “Electric Chair” segment on the show, was pushing fans to ask more interesting and relevant questions. He went so far as to say “even about AEW”.

After RAW, WWE uploaded their usual videos to YouTube, but had edited out that mention.

We previously covered conflicting reports about whether the line was scripted or not-some indicate it was, others indicate it was not.

Now, Wrestling Observer is expanding on this, with reports now stating that Vince McMahon was actually furious the comments were made (which opposes some earlier reports).

If this was not scripted, it will be very interesting to see what punishment comes down on Zayn, if any. It’s also worth asking, given how Sami Zayn has been playing things up on TV, about not caring and not missing the gig, how much of it is him channeling actual feelings, versus him presenting an interesting and convincing character.

If it’s less character and more honest feelings, McMahon and WWE could have a very big and very serious issue on their hands. Add to that reports that the morale is poor, and the reality that AEW put on an excellent show that was well received, and things could get ugly.

-With Jon Moxley, the artist formerly known as Dean Ambrose, debuting at Double Or Nothing, he was due to speak sooner or later.

He actually recorded an episode of Talk Is Jericho just prior to the AEW debut, and the show is now available.

It probably won’t shock many fans to realize that Moxley was not thrilled with the direction Creative was taking him. He mentioned several bad experiences with what had been scripted for him-something other wrestlers have mentioned at times, too.

Vince may hate it, but perhaps it’s time to cede some creative influence to the performers who need to own and deliver the material to the fans.