Daniel Bryan And Aleister Black Refusing To Work WWE Saudi Arabia!

WWE Saudi Arabia

Several popular WWE wrestlers have now refused to work the WWE Saudi Arabia pay-per-view; this includes Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Two more names can be added to that list now as Aleister Black and Daniel Bryan have stated they will not be wrestling at the event.

Post Wrestling Announces New Absentees For WWE Saudi Arabia Pay-Per-View

WWE Saudi Arabia

The news that neither Daniel Bryan or Aleister Black would attend the pay-per-view has been released by John Pollock at Post Wrestling. While the reasons for the withdrawal are not publicly known, a lot of fans are supporting their decision due to the controversy surrounding the WWE Saudi Arabia event.

Even though we can only speculate about the reasons for the withdrawal from the event, it is widely known that Daniel Bryan refused to work the Saudi Arabia event last year. While he was supposed to face Daniel Bryan, the match was cancelled and replaced with another during Crown Jewel.

The Future For WWE Saudi Arabia Contract

WWE Saudi Arabia

The events being held in Saudi Arabia have been received badly by hometown fans and most fans from around the world. Some sponsors have also voiced their concerns about the events in Saudi Arabia, despite the fact the WWE is getting a lucrative 10-year deal worth lots of money.

Because of several interesting superstars refusing to appear at the next pay-per-view in Saudi, it will prove to be an event solely containing company guys. Interestingly, even company man John Cena did not want to appear in Saudi Arabia this year, a smart decision as many wrestlers attending the event are criticised for doing so. Still, a number of company men and non-active wrestlers are scheduled to appear during the event; this includes Randy Orton, Goldberg, The Undertaker, Roman Reigns, and Shane McMahon.

Despite the refusal of some superstars to appear, the WWE is still holding a 50-man battle royal. However, it is expected that many of the wrestlers scheduled to appear will be men who have not wrestled for the company in some time and a number of people from the NXT roster.

Women’s Wrestling Taking A Backseat Once More

WWE Saudi Arabia

The company was heavily criticised last year as women were not allowed to wrestle at the Saudi event. As a response, the WWE organised a women’s only pay-per-view last year. However, despite this development, the WWE does not seem to be planning a women’s pay-per-view this year.

The women’s division is suffering despite the occurrence of the Saudi Arabia pay-per-view. It almost seems that the WWE has zero interest in the division at the moment, leading to weird feuds and even weirder bookings. Even though the women are doing their best to make the best of what they are given, it is becoming clear that men’s wrestling is once again taking centre stage. While I have no problem with men’s wrestling, it do think it is a massive shame that women’s wrestling is once again in the background. The event at Saudi Arabia is not helping either, as it certainly signals that the WWE couldn’t care less about equality.