Chris Jericho On WWE Issues + Young Bucks Acknowledge Sami Zayn

Everyone seems to be ripping on WWE, so let's add Chris Jericho to the list. Also, following the AEW name drop on RAW, some AEW VPs acknowledge Zayn

Chris Jericho has been one Superstar happy to speak his mind. This is especially true of more recent times. Jericho has his own show-Talk Is Jericho-so he has his own outlet to vent.

Now that he’s very much free and clear of WWE, the filter is really off-not like he’s going to burn a bridge, right?

Recently, Jericho stated what most astute wrestling observers have thought. WWE’s creative woes and struggling product are helping All Elite Wrestling.

To be fair, WWE has had it’s share of issues over a longer term than just the past few months. The lack of major competition or even a credible alternative created a void which presented an opportunity for AEW.

Now, as the company has had their first PPV, it’s clear they have something more than capable of providing wrestling fans with what they want-and with something WWE is not currently providing.

While this isn’t exactly a shocking reveal, Jericho did make some comments that make sense too. WCW was, and WWE is, perhaps at times, handcuffed by it’s history. Now, WWE is bringing back guys who are, or should be, retired. WCW did similar things. AEW has no such entanglements thus far.

-Speaking of All Elite Wrestling…

By now, everyone should be well aware of the Electric Chair segment from RAW on Monday. There are conflicting reports out that say the AEW name drop was, or was not, scripted and approved. There are reports that Vince McMahon is furious it was uttered on air.

On the lighter side of things, AEW’s Young Bucks took time on Twitter to acknowledge the acknowledgment.

Given that the pair have a history with Zayn before Sami came to WWE…and Zayn previously mentioned he didn’t miss WWE when out with injury…it would be interesting to see what happens when Zayn’s contract eventually runs out. Or, this could be a very elaborate heel character spun by Zayn and WWE (Though lately, WWE Creative doesn’t do those sorts of things).

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