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WWE veteran and one of AEW’s biggest acquisitions Chris Jericho has spoken out about Brock Lesnar’s controversial win at Money in the Bank. A lot of fans supported Chris Jericho with his comments. Let us take a closer look at what they were.

Brock Lesnar Was Not Officially Entered

One of the biggest problems with Brock Lesnar’s win is the fact that he was not officially entered. This fact was not ignored by Jericho, who tweeted the following on social media after the controversial win.

Let’s just say Chris Jericho’s tweet was filled with sarcasm and I can honestly say I wholeheartedly agree with him. A match such as the main Money in the Bank match is what is wrong with the WWE today. You have all that talent, who busted their ass during the match. Then, Brock comes and take it and sits on top of the ladder with a birk smirk on his face. Basically, it is a middle finger to all fans.

You may argue, “Brock is a heel and you are hating this, so didn’t the WWE do a good job?” No, because there is a stark contrast between enjoying a heel’s work and absolutely hating the product you are forced to watch. Yes, forced to watch at this point, because this is my job!

Fans certainly had a lot to say about the match. Here are some of the top responses of the night:

The WWE Is Really In The Slumps Now

Amids the massive fan backlash on Twitter, the WWE is in serious trouble now with the return of Brock Lesnar. I just don’t understand. The company knows we do not want Lesnar. In fact, they built the feud between Rollins and Lesnar on it. So, why on God’s green earth would you get back the man who put your ratings in the slumps in the first place.

It seems like the WWE is putting the fault of poor ratings with anyone but the wrestlers they tried to push, e.g. Baron Corbin and Brock Lesnar. They also refuse to see how they have mistreated NXT talent, who could have been massive merchandise sellers, but are all but forgotten now. Just look at the likes of Shinsuke Nakamura, a case that is incredibly sad and something that should never have happened.

Unfortunately, I predicted it last week that we should get ourselves ready for another Brock Lesnar reign. Do you know what watching the WWE feels like at the moment? Everytime I do, I feel like Vince is sitting behind his desk and holding up his middle finger at me. It is almost like the WWE is treating all the fan backlash as “fake news”.

Look, wrestling is supposed to fun. It is supposed to be exciting and an escape from your daily worries. It is far from that at the moment. Fans are so concerned with the politics behind it all, mainly because they are too bored with the product being shown. Problems like these do not happen on NXT, I wonder why? It is time for Vince and the little penguins kissing his behind to face reality, before AEW sweeps all fans away at once. Double or Nothing anyone?

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