Backstage News On Sami Zayn’s AEW Reference

– For those who may not have seen Monday Night RAW, Sami Zayn participated in a new segment on the Red brand near the close of the show dubbed “Electric Chair”. Hosted by Corey Graves, each week, a wrestler will sit in an electric chair while taking questions from the live crowd. This week, Zayn was chosen for the inaugural segment, and backstage announcers Sarah Schreiber, Charly Caruso, and Kayla Braxton “yielded” questions from the audience for Sami. Zayn would proceed to rip into the crowd after taking each question, stating that they were terrible queries as the audience could really ask him anything: from his love life, to what kind of kisser he is, to “even about AEW”. At this point, the crowd popped to the All Elite Wrestling reference, and Seth Rollins theme music would immediate start playing; ending the “Electric Chair” segment and setting up a main event match between Rollins and Zayn.

– As per the Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer, the entire segment was scripted, and the questions did come from real fans in the RAW audience; however, they were screened beforehand.

Interestingly enough, while Meltzer reported the “Electric Chair” segment was scripted, the WWE took out Zayn’s AEW line off the video when they uploaded the promo to their YouTube channel. In fact, according to Dave Meltzer’s co-host, Brian Alvarez, he stated that he had heard that Zayn’s AEW line was not scripted.

Meltzer then also noted that his source was a person who participated in a meeting before RAW aired, so it’s hard to know as to whether or not Sami Zayn went off the cuff, or was given the okay around the AEW line.

Only time will tell. If the WWE Universe doesn’t seem much of Sami in the coming weeks, we may know what the answer is. If he does get a slap of the wrist for this, perhaps he can befriend EC3 in catering.