Dear WWE Creative, Is The WWE Failing Its Superstars?

Dear WWE Creative,

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of what this article is really about this week. Despite an exciting Superstar Shake-Up this week, you have superstars who are unhappy with how they are booked creatively, plain and simple. WWE Grand Slam Champion Dean Ambrose has moved on to greener pastures, as well as Hideo Itami and Tye Dillinger; rumors swirled in the past around The Revival and The Club wanting to jump ship; Luke Harper and Sanity’s Alexander Wolfe asked for their release this week; Bayley is seemingly feeling defeated (and showing it on social media), and then there’s Sasha Banks; you clearly have a bit of an issue as it relates to talent.

Let’s start off with The Boss drama. Some of the Internet rumors might be exaggerated, they may be entirely true, but the fact of the matter is, fans haven’t seen Sasha Banks on television since Wrestlemania 35, after she and Bayley lost their Women’s Tag Team Titles to the IIconics. Some may call their social media banter a bit cry-babyish; after all, sometimes championships need to be dropped, and others could argue that they have every right to be upset. In the case for Banks, creatively, her character has been able to rack up championships over multiple occasions; however, the asterisks next her name and WWE career is that she has never – ever – been able to successfully defend said title on the main roster. That has to annoy her as a superstar; that certainly may annoy some Boss fans out there too.

One could also argue that in order to successfully build a championship, offer true integrity and substance to that title, a long and nice reign should have been in order for the first-ever Women’s tag champs. One that saw them defend those belts across multiple pay-per-views, and multi-brand opponents. After all, the hype around the women’s tag team titles was one that would see the champions show up on Monday Night RAW, SmackDown LIVE, and NXT. Huge womp-womp moment when Bayley and Sasha Banks dropped those title at WM 35, and the realization that potentially the WWE higher-ups and you, WWE Creative, simply saw this gold as another way to hype up the Women’s Revolution by crossing off one more female first off the list, only to let it all drop from the waistline. Will those belts only be seen on SmackDown LIVE now? Will those titles even have a storyline moving forward?

With All Elite Wrestling (AEW) nipping at your heels, talent may feel like, for the first time in a long time, that the WWE isn’t their only option. And despite money and high-level contracts being thrown their way, it seems as if certain talent are more vested in creative bookings, versus dollar signs.

Could it be that your rosters are too jam packed, overall (NXT included)? That there are superstars that feel they should be in the spotlight, but simply can’t be because there are too many bodies, too many storylines to navigate through, too many characters to try and develop. Too many talents trying to wedge their way into that squared circle and television time. Too many superstars trying to figure out where they fit in; or potentially trying to push their way onto a platform, believing they know where they fit in best.

I’ve said before, not every superstar can hit the status of The Rock, Hulk Hogan, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and such; not every superstar can even be a champion at that, whether you are talking high-level or second-tier gold, even tag gold. Yet, when a solid story is relayed that truly hits the audience, and a talent can connect with them, no amount of gold or glory can replace that. Perhaps both WWE Creative and the roster of superstars can focus on this idea. Titles are won and reigns look good on paper; however, it is the moments and memories engrained in a fan’s mind that truly creates WWE legends.