Superstar Unhappy With Changes + Additional Shakeups

Xavier Woods seems to have a bone to pick with someone relative to who left SmackDown during the Shakeup. Also, we have new names on the move

-If you caught SmackDown last night, you’d know that during the opening segment, Xavier Woods had a very brief rant about Up Up Down Down.

With the Superstar Shakeup spanning RAW and SmackDown this week, the moves saw a number of his podcast stars change brands. Apparently, Woods is a bit perturbed by the changes.

In addition to speaking about it on air, Woods also posted a tweet about his feelings as it pertains to the Shakeup changes and his podcast.

No word on if he’s doing this semi-tongue in cheek, or if the New Day member is legitimately annoyed by the changes. According to the Observer, the comments were indeed “a shoot”.

It’s worth noting that in some cases, WWE did manage to keep pairings together-Naomi and her husband are both on RAW now, for example. That being said, keeping a married couple together is a bit more important than a podcast, even if it’s a show the company, by all accounts, is OK with.

-With SmackDown only being two hours compared to RAW’s three, there wasn’t as much time for the Shakeups to happen.

After SmackDown went off the air last night, WWE confirmed that it had more moves pertaining to the blue brand.

Riott Squad is no more, as Liv Morgan has been assigned to SmackDown. Her former mates remain on RAW.

SmackDown also adds a tag team, as Heavy Machinery will be now assigned to SmackDown Live.

WWE has also broken up the former tag team champions of Bobby Roode and Chad Gable, with Gable heading to SmackDown.

One interesting note from WWE’s list of which Superstars landed on which brands, it appears Lars Sullivan will be finding a permanent home on the blue brand. Since he showed up following WrestleMania, he had been appearing on both brands. Now it appears he will be limited to SmackDown.

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