More WWE Superstars Asking For Their Release?

-It is not unusual for Superstars to leave WWE. Sometimes this happens before their contracts expire. Sometimes it’s even their own choice to do so.

Lately, it seems we’ve been seeing this happen with a bit more frequency. We’ve seen Dean Ambrose not re-sign with the company, and we’ve seen others ask for their releases. Tye Dillinger asked for his, and received it. It was reported that The Revival asked for theirs, but did not get it.

We’ve also recently heard that Sasha Banks may have requested her release over WrestleMania weekend, though as of this writing, The Boss remains with WWE.

Overnight, however, we have two new names being reported.

Harper and Alexander Wolfe have each reportedly asked WWE to be released from their contracts.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer reports that Harper asked for his release, and it appears likely that WWE will indeed grant it. This is mildly surprising given that Harper was just back from injury, and his former stablemate Bray Wyatt appears likely to return soon, based on the creepy vignettes we’ve been seeing.

Harper asking for, and likely getting, his freedom seems to mean there won’t be an original Wyatt Family reunion for us to look forward to.

As for Wolfe, while he has asked for his release, he might not be getting it. Sanity was underutilized since they came up to the main roster. As of RAW, WWE broke up the interesting faction, as Eric Young headed to RAW.

Pro Wrestling Sheet indicates that there’s a possibility Wolfe heads back to NXT. This would be interesting especially because it’s not something WWE generally does. Some talents have gone back for special matches (Tyler Breeze, for example). However, before his release Tye Dillinger asked to go back to NXT and was refused.

With WWE supposedly putting emphasis on tag teams moving forward, it’s surprising to see them disband Sanity, but perhaps trying to hold on to Wolfe gives the faction some hope in the future-they did hold the NXT Tag Titles, after all.