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The thought police has taken aim at conservative students at a California High School. Their crime was supporting the Second Amendment and wearing NRA shirts.

Two students were wearing National Rifle Association t-shirts when they were kicked out of class. Ironically, it was a history teacher who gave them the boot. Perhaps this history teacher should go back to school himself as gun rights are clearly spelled out in the Constitution as is the freedom of speech. He has a lot to learn.

Charlene Craig is furious that her 15-year-old daughter’s history teacher decided to force his political beliefs on her daughter. He also told her that she would face added punishment for disagreeing with him on the Second Amendment.

“He basically yelled at her, telling her that she would be writing an essay if she disagreed with him,” the upset mother said.

The teacher spewed liberal talking points, saying that guns kill people. He clearly doesn’t have experience with firearms as anyone who has fired a gun understands that you have to pull the trigger. Guns just don’t automatically start shooting on their own!

The school has a policy that clothing can not show guns, but there are no guns are these shirts as you can see in the tweeted picture below.

Craig’s daughter was lectured by the teacher while another student was actually sent to the principal’s office for wearing NRA shirts. The mother says these shirts are representative of the lifestyles of these teens. They are around hunters and farmers so naturally, they appreciate firearms. Charlene Craig says she will continue sending her daughter to school in the NRA shirt.

The Lodi Unified School District actually sided with the students on this matter. They were not violating the dress code and should not have been targeted by the teacher for political reasons. Teachers and staff will be refreshed on the dress code so another unhinged teacher doesn’t take his political frustrations out on students.

More information about this targeting of conservative students is in the video below. This proud mom stands her ground for her daughter’s rights!

Source: CBS Sacramento

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