Alyssa Milano

Hollywood’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. Alyssa Milano is the latest to join the long list of hypocritical offenders. The “Who’s The Boss?” star held a gun grabbing rally to counter the NRA‘s national convention. When an NRA member showed up, Milano’s armed security pushed him from the public property.

Will Haraway asked one of Milano’s security staff if he was carrying. That was met with hostility and the armed guard informed the NRA member that he had to leave. Haraway was not even there to counterprotest, but Milano’s hired guns completely objected to the man’s presence at all. The guard even backed Haraway up to the sidewalk, which you can see in the tweeted video from Ben Howe below.

Howe claims the security guard had no authority to remove Haraway from public property. Permits that are required for these types of events do not give the organizers or their armed security guards complete control over the area. Liberals have been disrupting conservative events for quite a while, but they couldn’t handle a conservative attending a liberal rally. Haraway had a right to be there, which Howe points out in the tweet below.

Milano later claimed that her bodyguard was not armed. That was quickly proven to be a lie as the guard who forced Haraway from the event was packing heat. His sidearm was visible through his clothing.

So, Milano was advocating for gun control while she was being protected by armed guards. Hollywood leftists like her don’t believe they should have to follow the same laws that we do. They are special and believe only they deserve protection. What a hypocrite this woman is!

The NRA is out protecting our Second Amendment rights while this Hollywood hypocrite is trying to grab our guns and have her armed guard throw someone off public property!

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Source: Daily Wire

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