Judge Judy dog fight

A man got a fast lesson on why you don’t insult Judge Judy in her courtroom. The beloved Judge with the sharp tongue has a reputation for putting people in their place and she smacked this man down, humiliating him in front of the whole country.

No Tolerance for Insubordination

Judge Judy doesn’t have any tolerance for insubordination. It’s actually why so many people love her show. She isn’t afraid to say what so many of us are thinking. Since her show has been on television for decades, anyone appearing on the program should know this. But, one young man whose dog attacked another clearly has some blood flow issues to his brain.

Why He Couldn’t Stop the Dog Attack

The man and his girlfriend were being sued because of a dog attack. Her dog got loose from his house and went after another dog on a walk. The other dog’s owners were polite and respectful to the Judge, but this guy told Judge Judy that he couldn’t break up the dogfight for the worst reason ever.

“I was watching this stupid show called Judge Judy,” the dumb boyfriend said.

Watch the scene play out:

Never Insult Judge Judy

You can see that at first Judge Judy attempted to ignore his dumb comment but it obviously didn’t sit well with her for long. It’s never a good idea to insult the judge who holds your fate. He was likely looking to make a joke but his humor fell flat. She told him to sit down and then began to tell his girlfriend why she should run away from such an idiot.

Because of his off-color joke, he was forced to sit there as Judge Judy told his girlfriend what a smug loser he is! I’m sure he regretted his comment once the show aired and he realized how absurd he looked in front of the entire nation.

If you like watching Judge Judy put people in their place, watch her give this entitled millennial a dose of reality.

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