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Judge Judy doesn’t play ball with idiots. Entitled brats who enter her courtroom will leave with a firm dose of reality. The judge demonstrated this by verbally chewing up and spitting out an entitled 20-year-old and the mother who raised her.

In addition to committing the crime of wearing way too much eyeliner, Brooke had several hundred dollars in parking tickets that she wanted her ex-boyfriend to be forced to pay. But, there was a big problem with Brooke’s story. This young adult had a car but didn’t have a driver’s license!

Brooke’s mom bought her the car two years earlier when she wasn’t able to legally drive it on her own! Because of this, the daughter expected her boyfriend to constantly move the car to avoid parking tickets for her. This foolish decision put the mother right in the line of Judge Judy’s fire. She raised an entitled brat and they both quickly learned that Judge Judy has no tolerance for this style of parenting.

This is classic Judge Judy! When she dismissed the ridiculous case, she shouted, “Tell your mother to pay it…She has absolutely no business to give you, who doesn’t look responsible enough to take care of a goldfish, a car that can be used to be used to kill somebody!”

People in the audience laughed as Brooke looked horrified. Apparently, the idea of being a responsible adult is enough to drive this adult child close to tears! But, the best part is at the end when the weepy plaintiff gets a bit unhinged in her interview after getting slapped down by Judge Judy.

If you are sick of people raising entitled brats, you will love watching Judge Judy drop the hammer on this mom and her 20-year-old child in the video below!

Judge Judy doesn’t have any tolerance for entitled brats or welfare freeloaders. This mom and her daughter should have realized this was going to end ugly for them. Now, their stupidity is well documented! Hopefully, Brooke has learned a lesson in personal responsibility from this.

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