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Judge Judy doesn’t have tolerance for scammers. She has no mercy for people who enter her courtroom and admit to abusing welfare. Her tax dollars are funding their lifestyle and that infuriates her!

A man, who claims to be a college student, is getting a taxpayer-funded free ride along with cash from the county for rent. The problem, however, is that he wasn’t spending this money on rent. Instead, he was using it for himself. Judge Judy laid it out by telling him that he’s stealing this money. Still, the clueless, entitled, freeloader couldn’t understand that his welfare is to be used exclusively for housing, not for having fun!

Welfare and public assistance are supposed to be a temporary fix, but they’ve created a lifetime of dependency as there are no checks on how this money is being spent! Judge Judy is so disgusted with this freeloader that she told him she is sending his testimony to Congress so they can see what a waste welfare can be!

The part I find most baffling is that this man is in college and can’t understand the concept of money. I’m not sure what kind of college he is studying at since he can’t even speak proper English! Notice how he uses double negatives throughout his entire testimony.

This college student believes he shouldn’t have to pay rent because he’s a 21-year-old man living with a 30-year-old woman. As if his presence is rent enough! This man’s entitlement is off the charts!

Of course, the Judge SLAMS this loser, but you might be surprised by the ending!

Judge Judy doesn’t tolerate freeloading moochers, but the plaintiff didn’t have a case since she didn’t pay the rent either! Hopefully, this woman knows to stay away from welfare cheats in the future! Her roommate is obviously in a hurry to go nowhere!

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Source: The Political Insider

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