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An Ohio judge went to the extreme measure of having police tape the defendant’s mouth shut during his sentencing.

Judge John Russo had enough of Franklyn Williams’ nonstop talking. Williams has had four trials in Russo’s courtroom and each time the defendant continuously yakked it up, even interrupting his own attorney. The judge gave Williams over a dozen warnings to shut up before the tape was rolled out.

“I will say knowing Mr. Williams due to my handling of his four cases, Mr. Williams was someone who liked to speak. To speak and interrupt. When lawyers were talking, witnesses were talking. More importantly, when I was talking,” stated Judge Russo.

Six deputies surrounded Williams as red tape was placed over his mouth. Remarkably, Williams continued chatting with the tape over his mouth, so Russo ordered another piece of tape to be applied to William’s pie hole.

After Williams was silenced, Russo sentenced him to 24 years in prison. In December of last year, Williams was convicted for aggravated robbery, kidnapping, theft, misuse of credit cards and having weapons under a disability. Previously, Williams removed his ankle bracelet and fled to Nebraska. Williams claimed he hit his head and lost his memory, causing him to end up in Nebraska, but recorded phone calls with family members proved that was a lie.

This is Williams’ second trial in this case as an appeals court found he was misinformed about when he was eligible for release. He originally pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 14 years in prison. Now, he will be serving an extra 10 years for these crimes.

On Tuesday, Russo had him back in court with the added protection of tape to close his yapper. Williams was not able to spew any more lies or nonsense as he was ordered to jail for two dozen years.

Watch the tough acting judge dispense some courtroom justice in the video below.

Source: Fox 8

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