millennials asked memorial day meaning

The United States might be the greatest country on earth, but there is no shortage of dumb people here. The educational system is failing. As a result, there are now plenty of young adults without proper knowledge of American History. Jesse Watters proved this by asking people about Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is, of course, a time when we honor and remember those who lost their lives serving our country in the armed forces. These people laid their lives down to protect our freedoms. It is the most honorable of sacrifices that deserve to be remembered. But to many people, this holiday is about cookouts and the beginning of summer. SHAMEFUL!

Jesse Watters took his “Watters World” segment to the beach to ask young adults about this important and very American holiday. Many of them didn’t know the significance of the day. Then when he quizzed them further, they didn’t even have basic knowledge about wars our country was involved in! One person even said we found South Korea in the Civil War!

What’s terrifying is that many of these ignorant fools probably vote! I’m guessing they vote for Democrats!


Where did these people go to school? It’s astonishing that any of them may have graduated. It’s as if they took American History class with Maxine Waters or Sheila Jackson Lee! They are completely clueless! What’s crazy is that they probably know everything about the Kardashians but they don’t know what Memorial Day is.

These beachgoers need to hear Judge Judy’s advice about being stupid. “Beauty fades, dumb is forever!” the poignant judge often says. After their beach bodies are gone and Father Time has come around, they are just going to be dumb.

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