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Best Netflix Memorial Day Movies
May 11, 2022
What are the best movies to watch on Netflix to remember Memorial Day? Here are a few great suggestions
Boston arrested burning American Flag memorial day
May 26, 2020
A man was arrested in Boston for allegedly burning an American flag that he stole from a memorial for fallen…
Pennsylvania Governor blocks flags made in American for Memorial Day
May 19, 2020
Pennsylvania has blocked the making and shipping of American-made flags normally placed on Veterans' graves this Memorial Day.
Sam Elliott Ray Lambert D-Day WWII veteran
May 13, 2020
Sam Elliott gives a stirring Memorial Day tribute to a WWII hero who survived D-Day and honored the fallen who…
american flag
May 23, 2019
Remember our country's fallen heros this Memorial Day and take time to honor the symbol of American hope and perseverance:…
memorial day
May 23, 2019
Take time this Memorial Day to honor and reconize those who gave their lives to better our great country. America…
May 23, 2019
HOA demands a veteran Army Sergeant from Texas remove the American flag from in front of his home because it…
Memorial Day
May 21, 2019
The kick-off of summer that is Memorial Day weekend could be missing staple of barbecues and picnics.¬†A ton of hot…
chris pratt murph challenge
May 24, 2018
Memorial Day is when we honor and remember those who lost their lives serving our country. Actors Chris Pratt and…
meaning taps funeral
May 23, 2018
"Taps" originally began as a way to alert soldiers to it being time to get to sleep. The bugle melody…
millennials asked memorial day meaning
May 22, 2018
The United States might be the greatest country on earth, but there is no shortage of dumb people here. The…
Andrew Pedersen-Keel
May 26, 2017
"West Point To Arlington" is song that Iraq War veteran, Sean Niquette wrote to honor his friend¬†Special Forces Captain Andrew…
Ronald Reagan Memorial Day President Herbert Hoover quote
May 27, 2016
President Ronald Reagan gave a moving speech on Memorial Day that really reminds Americans what this day is all about.