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Foster Brooks was unlike any other comedian. He perfected the role of the gentleman who had been overserved. This act is relatable as we have all been with someone who has had a bit too much to drink. When Foster was on stage, everyone laughed!

In 1973, Foster joined Lucille Ball on her show “Here’s Lucy.”

The episode was appropriately named “Tipsy Through The Tulips.” Lucy was actually trying to get Foster to stay sober as he was writing a book about a murder. But, Foster wasn’t up for changing his ways.

Lucy Takes Dictation

As he dictated his story to Lucy, he walked around the room wetting his whistle on alcohol that was hidden all around the room.

Lucy wasn’t paying attention and didn’t know there was any booze around.

Soon, Foster’s speech became slurred and she was on to him!

This scene is rather hilarious. Lucy is caught off guard as Foster suddenly becomes drunk. It also shows Foster’s acting skills.

And since he is not acting drunk during a portion of it, you get to hear his regular voice! I would not have recognized it!

The next day, they went to Lucy’s home because the only thing alcoholic she had was some old rum cake. So, he wouldn’t be tempted to drink.

Check The Briefcase Next Time

But, she was in for another surprise because Foster got drunk over there, too.

She should have checked to see what he had in his briefcase!

Misery loves company, so Lucy ended up joining him!

Watch the video below for a good laugh!


This wouldn’t fly in entertainment today as the politically correct class would claim he was taunting alcoholics.

They don’t make television like this anymore. Notice how there wasn’t foul or crass language. It was just humor!

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