Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball was perhaps the funniest lady to ever appear on our televisions. She had an amazing sense of humor – and she was able to laugh at herself, too!

When she was the subject of one of Dean Martin’s Roasts in 1975, the stars came out in full force to pay tribute to her by telling jokes at her expense.

All the A-Listers wanted to be there to pay tribute to this icon of the small screen.

Nobody was worried about hurting anyone’s feelings. Everything was fair game!

Lucy’s High School Boyfriend

Foster Brooks may have had one of the most memorable performances that night. He came out in character as Lucy’s high school boyfriend and fiancĂ© who still wanted to marry her.

In true Foster form, he had trouble getting the words out.

“I’ll bet you didn’t expect to see me here tonight, did you Big Red?” he said as he kicked off his hilarious roast of the beloved accident-prone star of I Love Lucy.

Foster said he was the captain of the high school football team and Lucy was a cheerleader when they fell in love.

It was 41 years ago, but Foster still had it bad for this Woman of the Hour on the night of the roast!

He claims to have been faithful to her all these years!

Watch what he had to say and check out Lucille’s reaction in the video below!

Rolling with Laughter

He had everyone laughing out loud! That crowd certainly didn’t take themselves too seriously and they knew how to have fun!

I miss that type of entertainment!

These jokes wouldn’t fly today! The PC police would be writing citations left and right for sexual harassment and being offended!

Dean Martin may have laughed harder than anyone else in attendance! He and Don Rickles were rolling with laughter at Foster’s roast of Lucy.

If you liked this video, watch Foster Brooks roast Sammy Davis, Jr!

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