Master Sgt Josh Thornton

Our heroes in the military deserve warm welcomes when they return home from serving our country on deployments. Surprise reunions are even better – they add an extra sense of excitement to the mix since family members aren’t expecting to see their serviceman!

US Air Force Master Sergeant Josh Thorton surprised his family by coming home a week earlier from his seven-month deployment to the Middle East than they expected. His wife Sarah helped him plan his surprise for over a month. It wasn’t one big surprise, but rather a bunch of surprises to each of his family members.

First, he stopped by his eight-year-old son Jayden’s classroom. The young boy has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. He was surprised to see his dad when he entered the room. “Hi buddy, how are you?” Josh asked his son.  Jayden’s shock quickly turned to tears after hugging his dad. Jayden had no idea that he would be seeing his dad and was overcome with happiness!

Next, Thorton surprised his five-year-old son Kolby and three-year-old daughter Rhilyn. They walk into a classroom together and immediately spot their dad, who they hadn’t seen in months. They run right into his arms with excitement!

Josh’s dad Kameron’s reaction will make you laugh. When he turned around and saw Josh there, he threw up his arms and then immediately jumped on his son!

He also surprised his mom, cousin, his cousin’s wife, and his two brothers. When he finally gets home, two pooches get in on the reunion fun!

This homecoming might have you in tears. It’s one surprise after another!

All our of members of the military deserve to be celebrated. Master Sergeant Thorton was able to be appreciated the whole day by arranging so many surprise reunions.

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Source: Western Journal

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