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Vietnam Veterans Ronald Hope David Chaffin reunion combat medic helicopter crash
November 10, 2020
Two Vietnam Veterans were reunited after 50 years of the combat medic wondering what happened to the pilot he saved…
Nick Iafelice Alex Military Dog retire reunion video
June 26, 2020
Five years after last working with handler Sgt. Iafelice, a retired military dog is reunited with him and lovingly welcomed…
deployed dad surprises daughter graduation
June 7, 2018
Army Captain Michael Collins returned from Iraq nine months early to surprise his daughter at her high school graduation!
Master Sgt Josh Thornton
May 3, 2018
Everyone loves a good soldier homecoming, and the Thornton family is no exception. US Air Force Master Sergeant Josh Thorton…
Marine Surprise Thanksgiving
November 21, 2017
Holidays can be hard for military famillies when they are missing a deployed soldier. Watch a Marine give his mom…
SGM Ronald Morse
November 18, 2016
An Army Sergeant finished his final tour of duty three weeks early and surprised his daughter at dance class in…