Tanner Waters

Chick-fil-A is known for its delicious food and its top-notch Customer Service. Now, the fast-food giant is branching out into matchmaking by helping a high school employee find a prom date.

17-year-old Tanner Waters does not currently have a date for prom, so he enlisted the help of his manager Billy McClarnon. The manager offered to advertise for a prom date on the reader board. Tanner quickly accepted the generous offer and soon his need for a date was well known to people driving past the Florida restaurant.

It can be a challenge to find a prom date for a student who isn’t currently dating someone. Tanner is looking to try to find someone to share the memorable evening with and he decided to get creative. Having an advertisement outside of a restaurant is one way to get a lot of attention!

Tanner only works at Chick-fil-A three days a week, so he had McClarnon take a picture of him for potential suitors when he is not there. Prom is at the end of the month, so there isn’t much time to waste!

“I’m a great person,” Tanner said in his pitch to “Inside Edition” in the video below. “I have a great personality. You’re going to have a great time with me. You get free dinner — someone is buying us dinner — it’s going to be a great night.”


Tanner appears to be a very responsible and wise kid! His date will be quite lucky to be accompanied by him to prom!

In case the reader board advertisement doesn’t work, Tanner does have a backup plan. A co-worker, who is a friend, offered to go with him in the event he can’t make a love connection.

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