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Christian fast food chain Chick-fil-A is on pace to become America’s third-largest fast-food restaurant behind McDonald’s and Starbucks, according to restaurant consultancy firm Technomic.

Technomic senior principal David Henkes stated, “The pathway is in Chick-fil-A’s favor in terms of continuing to leapfrog iconic chains that are still doing fine,” adding that other older fast food companies have recovered from losing customers to higher-end chains like Chipotle, “but Chick-fil-A is doing phenomenally.”

A Chick-fil-A spokesperson echoed, “The trajectory we’re on would support that.”

Chick-fil-A, which is famously closed on Sundays, racked up roughly $9 billion in sales in 2017, ranking it seventh nationwide among fast food chains. According to QSR Magazine, in 2016 the average Chick-fil-A restaurant made over $4 million in annual sales, which was far and away the highest average sales per unit among the top 50 fast food chains in America. Comparatively, the average McDonald’s restaurant made around $2.5 million in annual sales.

According to BuzzFeed, Chick-fil-A’s use of mobile ordering and on-site ordering by tablet has attracted more customers. But David Farmer, the restaurant’s vice president of restaurant experience, added that Chick-fil-A’s emphasis on traditional Christian and family values has also bolstered sales. As Farmer put it, his job is to make sure that Chick-fil-A restaurants work with “[NASCAR] pit crew efficiency, but where you feel like you just got hugged in the process … We’d better not lose our edge relative to service and hospitality.”

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Indeed, Farmer’s business model is working out: Chick-fil-A has high marks on the YouGov BrandIndex with regards to satisfaction, positive buzz, and likelihood of purchase.

It’s clear that there’s a huge market for conservative Christians in America, and it’s also clear that they’re being grossly underserved in favor of “political correctness.” But Chick-fil-A has consistently bucked the PC trend and remained steadfast in their Christian beliefs and values – and their customers have certainly rewarded them for it.

Source: Daily Wire

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