shark attacks scuba diver

An alarming video shows a shark charge right at a scuba diver on a baited dive off the South African coast. This video was captured using a GoPro, and the Youtube video has gone viral.

Bait dives are conducted without cages and involve a diver entering the water freely while sharks swim up towards a drum filled with bait.

The blacktip shark is seen approaching one of the divers in the group. It appears to have gotten spooked being around several humans. The shark first hits the foot of one of the divers before running right into the head of another diver.

The shark knocked off the diver’s mask and regulator from his mouth. “The shark was startled and in an attempt to get away, it charged right into the diver’s head, knocking his mask off and the regulator from his mouth,” Elton Polly, who posted the video said.

This video is a good reminder that the water belongs to sharks, not people. Losing a breathing device while scuba diving can cost you your life. Fortunately, both the shark and the diver escaped this dangerous encounter unharmed.

You can watch the shocking video below.

That diver should be thanking God for his life right now. It’s amazing that he was able to escape injury and retain control of his mask and regulator.

The blacktip shark is found in warm coastal waters around the world, including North America. The shark’s preference for coastal waters has made it a vulnerable creature. It is listed as a near-threatened species.

Blacktip shark is considered to be a tasty treat and is often used in shark fin soup. Since these sharks swim in coastal waters, they are easy for fisherman to catch.

It might be considered fun and adventurous to swim with sharks, but it obviously comes with risks. This diver is lucky to have escaped with his life and all his limbs intact.

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Source: Fox News

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