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A woman got quite a fright when she opened her closet at 10 pm to prepare to go to bed for the night. She was greeted by a python who had taken refuge among her clothes!

Finding a snake in your house isn’t that uncommon for Australians, but it’s not something anyone wants to experience, particularly late at night. It would be hard to sleep knowing a giant snake was slithering around in the closet next to your bedroom.

The woman immediately called Snake Catcher 24/7– Sunshine Coast to come to her rescue. Stu McKenzie showed up to solve the problem. He wrote on the company’s Facebook page, “Picture this…your [SIC] getting ready for bed and its time to brush your teeth and you walk into your walk-in robe and bathroom area and there is a massive Carpet Python cruising along over the sink. By the time I arrived the snake was amongst the clothes hanging up in the walk-in robe. Crazy. This was at a home just out past Montville.”

After watching the video below, you will understand why the woman did not want to wait until morning for someone to come get this python! The enormous snake was defensive by the time the snake catcher showed up.

Take my money! Take all my money! I’d pay anything to get that thing out of my house! They could charge me as much as they wanted. It would cheaper to pay a snake catcher than it would be to move!

The snake catcher believes the python got in the house through an open window. This is a simple fix. Make sure your screens are secure and completely intact. Otherwise, you may be inviting a snake or other creatures into your home!

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