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Snakes can be hiding almost everywhere. This is a part of life in Australia, and other parts of the world. People who live there have to keep their eyes open for these slithery creatures.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 knows this all too well. Their entire business is finding and removing snakes that are living where they shouldn’t be. They will often post pictures of hidden snakes to keep people on their toes and remind them to be vigilant.

Sometimes, these snakes can be incredibly hard to find, even when you’re looking at it on your computer. Imagine how hard it is in real life. If you’re walking too close to a hidden snake, watch out. That snake might find you before you see it.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 recently posted a challenging picture with a camouflaged snake. The snake is disguised in the picture that shows a pile of mulch. Can you spot the Coastal Carpet Python in the picture below? You have to look very hard!


Imagine heading to the mulch pile to get a wheelbarrow full of mulch when your shovel unearths a python. There is actually a female in there who has buried her eggs. She would likely put up a fight to protect her babies if she felt a person or another animal was a threat.

The red circle below identifies where this snake is located.


I certainly couldn’t find it! It’s hard to see it even after it is pointed out.

Suncoast Snake Catchers went out to contain the snake. They moved the mom and relocated the eggs to a safer spot. The video below shows how it all went down.

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Source: Daily Mail

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