Eastern brown snake

An elderly Australian couple is counting their blessings after finding a snake in their home. They believed it was a black snake but they were shocked to learn that it was actually an Eastern brown snake, the second most venomous snake in the world!

The husband was planning on picking up the snake with his bare hands because he didn’t realize the snake was venomous. Thankfully, his wife called professionals at South Burnett Snake Catchers.

The company shared a video of the snake being captured on its Facebook page. It actually was the first Eastern brown snake this particular snake handler had ever caught! It took a few attempts, but the snake was caught in under three minutes.

South Burnett Snake Catchers found it humorous when the elderly lady called asking if they “feel brave enough to catch a black snake for her in the bedroom.” The owner of the company was busy, so he sent a new employee.

The snake catchers report, “The eastern brown snake is the second most venomous snake in the world and its strike speed is 1/25 of a second ..so yes that’s fast an unpredictable and highly nervous species but still can tolerate human interference.” This is no snake to mess around with! Thankfully, this couple called in the professionals!

This deadly snake can be hard for average people to identify because of its deceptive name. This particular snake was indeed black in color even though it is an Eastern brown snake. Despite its name, this venomous snake comes in a variety of colors.

Video of the snake being caught is below.

South Burnett Snake Catchers reports that this type of snake has likely been in most local yards at some point in time. This is one reason why I don’t plan on going to Australia in the near future!

If you thought this video was scary, check out this couple discovering a snake in their kitchen:

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Source: Daily Mail

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