Mark Dice

Mark Dice has a gift for exposing morons. He knows the right places to go. Often, he strikes comedic gold on the California coast. There are a plethora of morons hanging out on left-wing beaches.

One sunny day, Dice asks these Californians what they thought about banning sodium chloride. When he mentioned that Katy Perry was supporting the ban, nearly everyone jumped on board without even asking pertinent questions. Unbeknownst to them, they agreed to ban table salt!

These sheep are so blind to follow a celebrity that they are willing to even give up salt at the mere mention of this singer’s name! Katy Perry isn’t an expert in anything, except possibly singing. She is not someone I would take any sort of advice from!

Dice wrote, “After being told that Katy Perry started a campaign to ban the food additive Sodium Chloride (ordinary table salt), many Americans agree that’s she has the right idea, proving once again, that people blindly follow celebrities and think everything they say is a divine revelation from God.”

Watching the video below will make you feel like Einstein compared to these people.

These liberals want to ban things they don’t even know about simply because they believe it has a celebrity endorsement. This is definitely a cult of personality. It’s also important to point out that these people didn’t know the scientific name of table salt, but they were very aware of Katy Perry!

It’s amazing what some millennials don’t know. Our education system apparently failed them. In another video, Mark Dice asks people who won the Civil War. This is something most of us learned by the second grade, but not these folks. Click here to watch that video!

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