Trumps son

Mark Dice is very talented at exposing morons. He hits the streets often to ask people their opinions. Usually, they are completely clueless. These fools are more than happy to give their opinion on things they don’t know about.

He once again hit the beach to ask some Californians what they think of President Trump’s son hunting animals like triceratopses, woolly mammoths, and saber-toothed tigers. All of these animals are extinct, but the liberals Dice ran into didn’t seem to notice or even care about that fact.

They wanted to take a swing at the Trumps, but all they did was expose themselves as complete idiots! This is a great example of how people believe fake news. These things weren’t even true, but everyone in the video acted as if they already knew about it and even had an opinion. They will believe anything they think will give them an opportunity to slam President Trump.

I’m pretty sure I knew these animals were all extinct by the time I was 6 or 7. These rocket scientists in California still haven’t figured it out as adults. Watch the video below for a good laugh.

What’s sad is that these people can vote! How did they finish school without learning these basic facts that most of us learned in first grade? This video is an indictment of the current state of the educational system in California! What a bunch of gullible fools! I feel like a genius after watching that.

If you want to feel even smarter, click here to see what millennials said when Mark Dice asked them who won the Civil War. It is unbelievable that these young adults got through high school without learning this important fact about United States history!

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