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Noose Bubba Wallace
A noose has allegedly just been found in the garage stall of Bubba Wallace, the only black driver in the NASCAR Cup Series.
Hollywood star Busy Philipps under fire over teen abortion remarks
Actress Busy Philipps was hit with backlash after crediting her abortion as a 15-year-old teen for her eventual Hollywood success.
Colin Kaepernick sided with terrorists over America in the death Soleimani, and it didn’t take long for this to come back to bite him.
Washington, DC
A disturbing video shows how ignorant many Americans are about our country’s history when they can’t say who Washington, DC was named after.
US questions
December 21, 2018
Not every person is going to be smart enough to be a Jeopardy! champion.That said, everyone should have some basic understanding of United States history
mark dice american flag
May 25, 2018
Our schools aren’t what they used to be. Many of the important basics are skipped or glossed over in favor of progressive pet projects. American History is a subject that appears to be on the back burner in many classrooms. Mark Dice pointed this out in a video about the flag. 
women hate Hillary Clinton
March 15, 2018
Right before the 2016 presidential election, Mark Dice asked women on a California beach about how they felt about Bill Clinton’s wife. Even though California is a liberal state, he had no problem finding many women to explain why they hate Hillary.
Mark Dice
December 16, 2017
Mark Dice asks California beachgoers their opinions on banning sodium chloride. Almost everyone agrees when he says Katy Perry supports banning table salt.
Mark Dice liberals
December 15, 2017
Mark Dice asks California beachgoers what was the last book they read. Their answers are rather disturbing and point to a serious problem.
Trumps son
November 30, 2017
Mark Dice talks to liberals who believe President Trump’s sons Eric and Donald, Jr. have hunted and killed triceratops and other extinct animals.
Mark Dice celebrities
November 29, 2017
California morons will agree with anything celebrities want them to do. In this viral video with Mark Dice, they agree to repealing the First Amendment.
Mark Dice DC
October 6, 2017
A new Mark Dice DC video is making the rounds. Dice asked California beachgoers a simple question. What does DC stand for in Washington, DC? He asked quite