Gramma and Ginga

Steve Harvey typically has young kids on his show “Little Big Shots,” but he changed things up by having on two sisters who were well past their childhood.

Gramma is 103 years old, and her little sister Ginga is 98. Even though they don’t use the internet, they are online legends. The West Virginia sisters are very saucy with each other. They bicker and swear regularly. Gramma’s grandchildren thought it would be funny to put a video of them online. The video took off because these elderly sisters were unintentionally hilarious.

Gramma and Ginga have a Facebook page with almost 300,000 likes. Everyone either wants to know these women or be like them someday. These two women don’t just argue. They clearly love each other as fiercely as they argue.

Steve had an interesting conversation with them that is bound to make you smile. When Ginga starts flirting with Steve, Gramma makes a point to tell him that Ginga’s four husbands were all alcoholics. Yes, she was married four times!

Watch Steve’s reactions to these lively sisters in the video below! Steve wants to live a long life, just like Gramma and Ginga, so he can swear all the time!

I love how they admit to fighting all the time. Listening to them argue on the phone is hilarious. Not only do they cuss, but they also have trouble hearing and have to yell at each other.

In the video below, Gramma gets a morning call from Ginga. Gramma doesn’t have time for her younger sister’s nonsense at such an early hour. She lets Ginga, whose real name is Arlene, have it!

These sisters are hysterical. It’s no wonder Steve Harvey wanted to have them on his show. Even though they argue a lot, they sure do love each other. They have spent almost a century together. They need each other!

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