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When Johnny Carson had animals as the guest on “The Tonight Show” you knew you were in for a real treat. These animals always seemed to bring out the best in the host. ‘”The Tonight Show” episodes featuring birds, however, proved especially hysterical as Johnny Carson seemed a bit unlucky when it came to feathered friends.

Animals Were Always Good For A Laugh On ‘The Tonight Show’

It’s nearly impossible to prepare for a segment with an animal. You never know how they will actually react.

Johnny often had to improvise as the animals didn’t perform as expected. The jokes that ensued were some of the best!

The compilation video below shows Johnny interacting with a number of birds. These feathered friends can be quite a bit harder to train than dogs.

That results in some rather hilarious results!

The first two birds performed as they were supposed to. After that, things get pretty funny when three birds refused to talk or do as they were told.

Then a rooster gave Johnny a special treat.


I laughed out loud when Johnny said to the rooster’s owner, “We didn’t bring him 1800 miles to take a dump on my desk.”

That obviously wasn’t in the script, but these are animals. When you invite an animal on your desk, there might be some collateral damage!

Johnny Carson Gets Into Trouble With One Feisty Bird

Joan Embry regularly brought animals on The Tonight Show. When she brought a feathered friend name Howard to meet Johnny, Howard was the one to get the last laugh!

Johnny’s reaction to Howard’s laugh is hysterical.

If you liked the video above, you will really laugh at the one with Joan Embry and Howard below!

Howard was one funny bird! Johnny’s expression when Howard laughed at him was hysterical!

Johnny Carson’s reactions to the animals were the best.

When things didn’t go as planned, Johnny always rolled with the punches.

He even had to keep things going when an ape literally punched him! Click here to watch that video!

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