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Classic Tonight Show episodes have the best late-night skits. Johnny Carson sure could make us laugh so when you add Betty White into the mix it’s pure comedy gold!

Here we have two of the most iconic television personalities. Some refer to White as the First Lady of Television given her incredibly long career in acting. And many, even all these years after his death in 2005, still consider Carson the King of Late Night.

In the video below, Johnny Carson is joined by Betty White in an Adam and Eve skit from 1979. Adam and Eve have decided to split so God sends them someone to help resolve the dispute.

What happens will have you laughing your head off!

There is some truth in all humor. A lot of men can certainly empathize with Adam in this skit. Too bad the snake didn’t bite the first lawyer!

Betty White And Johnny Carson’s History

Betty White and Johnny Carson shared a long history of working together. They talked about it on “The Tonight Show” in 1977.

Carson’s fondness for Betty White is clear when he introduces her as a “delightful lady” and “most talented actress”.

Two statements we can all very much agree with!

By that time, White had already won an Emmy for her work on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and had her own eponymous show.

Not to be confused with her daytime talk show of the same name in the 50’s, “The Betty White Show” was a sitcom that aired 14 episodes on CBS in 1977 and 1978.

White starred opposite John Hillerman on the lesser known 70’s sitcom. You might know Hillerman better as “Higgins” on the long-running 80’s favorite “Magnum P.I.”

If you’ve never seen “The Betty White Show,” here’s a real throwback clip for you!

Betty White and Johnny Carson were truly two goliaths of television that are greatly missed to this day. Those are shoes that can never be filled.

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