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Jeff Dunham got his big break in the early 1990s on the ABC show Hot Country Nights. The short-lived series aired from November 1991 to March 1992. Each episode had some well-established country singers as well as some newcomers.

Dunham himself was a bit of a newcomer at the time. Walter joined him to interview these country stars. One of those stars was Lorrie Morgan, who was a bit of a rising star herself at the time.

Lorrie and Walter really hit it off. Walter wasn’t quite as cranky as he is today, but his chauvinistic tendencies showed through. Lorrie wasn’t accepting Walter’s grumpy ways. She showed us Walter melts like butter when a pretty woman flirts with him!

The video below will show you a much different side of Walter. Jeff’s hair and clothes might make you chuckle as well! You’ll notice in this video that Jeff looks a lot younger, but Walter hasn’t aged a bit!

Lorrie sure knew how to get on Walter’s sweet side. Perhaps things haven’t changed all that much. Walter recently was on America’s Got Talent with Darci Farmer. Walter dropped the curmudgeon act and was rather sweet to both Darci and her puppet Petunia. Click here to see that performance. 

We have been waiting for over 25 years to meet Walter’s wife! Jeff really should bring her out on stage sometime. It would be hilarious to see them bickering back and forth. Maybe we would learn that Walter is all bark and no bite. Perhaps he is kind and loving to his wife. Who am I fooling? They probably put Al and Peggy Bundy to shame!

I like grumpy and politically incorrect Walter. He says what a lot of us are thinking. Humor brings us together. Click here to see how Walter reacted when he looked out into the audience and saw a bunch of Arabs in the front row. He was rather blunt, but he made everyone in the front row laugh!

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