Foster Brooks Roasts Angie Dickinson

Foster Brooks was a crowd favorite at Dean Martin’s Roasts. He played the role of the gentleman who had been over-served by the bartender but was trying his best to appear sober. Everyone was in on it and they loved it!

When Angie Dickinson was being roasted in 1977, Foster Brooks was there, of course. He stepped up to the microphone as Inspector Brooks who trained Angie for her role as Sergeant Leann Pepper Anderson. Unsurprisingly, it was hard to talk about Angie Dickinson without addressing her physical beauty. Brooks described her as being “built like a brick precinct house!”

As a police trainer, Inspector Brooks had to go undercover with Dickinson to prepare her for the role. The crowd roars with laughter as he describes busting up a prostitution ring at a massage parlor with the gorgeous female actress. As you can see in the video below, even Jimmy Stewart was laughing!

The Dean Martin Roasts are so fun to watch. They didn’t care about political correctness. They just said what was on their minds. It was relatable and hilarious! The A-List actors showed up because everyone wanted to be there. They drank and smoked openly because they were free to do so.

Nobody was sensitive about being teased at the Roast. That was the whole point of it! They were confident enough that they could laugh at themselves. They didn’t take anything too seriously. Today, there is so much concern about offending someone and people would be complaining about their feelings getting hurt. Back then, the point was to offend someone! That’s why the Roasts were so popular!

If you enjoyed this, click here to see Foster Brooks roast Betty White! He even took a tumble while he was toasting the “old broad!”

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