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The Dean Martin Roasts may be the best thing that ever aired on television. They are so fun to watch decades later – especially the ones with Foster Brooks.

There certainly wasn’t any concerns about hurting someone’s feelings. The point was to laugh at the honoree’s expense.

Foster Brooks Makes People Roar with Laughter

Foster Brooks always had people doubled over in laughter at the roasts. His roast of Betty White may have been one of the best. He even takes a tumble while toasting the “old broad.”

There was so much laughter in that room as Foster is introduced as Betty White’s former fiancee.

He was in rare form as he appeared to even more overserved than usual! At one point, he even fell backward onto the floor. Dean Martin had to help him back up!

The PC Police Would Shut Him Down

Today’s political correctness police would take aim at Foster Brooks’ lovable lush impression.

He always played the role of the gentlemen who had one (or several) too many drinks and said what was on his mind. He was always hilarious and a fan favorite at the Dean Martin Roasts.

Check out the video below if you need a good laugh.

Foster Brooks was apparently a rather popular man in his younger years. At Lucille Ball’s roast, he said he was her high school boyfriend. He was also engaged to her at one point too!

He was so funny that Dean Martin had a hard time keeping it together.

Dean Martin’s Roasts

When he roasted Sammy Davis, Jr. the room roared with laughter.

Nothing was sacred during this tribute to Sammy and that’s what made it so funny.

Everyone had a ball at The Man Of The Hour’s expense, but Don Rickles might have laughed the hardest as Foster toasted Sammy

Today’s television just can’t hold a candle to those Dean Martin Roasts. I could spend a whole day watching them.

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