Foster Brooks Jimmy Stewart

Foster Brooks played the role of a gentleman who had one drink too many but tried hard not to let anyone else know it. He was a regular on Dean Martin’s Roasts. Everyone howled when Foster Brooks would stumble up to the podium.

During Jimmy Stewart’s Roast, Brooks started by mistaking Dean Martin for Dolly Parton. The Politically Correct Police hadn’t been patrolling at that time! Brooks then said that he served with Jimmy Stewart during World War II. Brooks was the navigator and Jimmy was the pilot. He claimed they accidentally bombed Trenton, NJ!

As you can see in the video below, Jimmy was laughing to the point of tears.

Today’s television can’t compare with anything from back then. They weren’t worried about hurting anyone’s feelings. That was the point of a roast. Celebrities could laugh at themselves at that time!

If this made you laugh, check out Foster Brooks roasting Bob Hope here!

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