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celebrities who were in the military
May 26, 2022
These stars made a choice to serve their country in the military. They didn't take the easy way out either
Betty White's House
April 27, 2022
The California home where the legendary icon Betty White died back in December is being sold for $10.5 million.
Jimmy Stewart Henry Fonda friends politics Hollywood Republican Democrat
January 17, 2022
Jimmy Stewart was a Republican and Henry Fonda was a Democrat, yet the two classic Hollywood stars were best friends…
Jimmy Stewart military PTSD veteran Hollywood career
November 9, 2021
Jimmy Stewart, who left Hollywood to become a pilot in World War II, rarely spoke of his military service but…
George Burns Jimmy Stewart Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts
Source: Screen captures of George Burns, Jimmy Stewart, and Lucille Ball via YouTube
May 7, 2021
Watch Lucille Ball laugh it up as George Burns takes aim at Jimmy Stewart, Milton Berle, and Dean Martin during…
December 18, 2020
Ron Howard opened up about what it was like to work with the Hollywood legend John Wayne on his final…
Foster Brooks Jimmy Stewart
September 28, 2017
Foster Brooks played the role of a gentleman who had one drink too many and tried unsuccessfully not to let…
Jimmy Stewart
May 26, 2017
Jimmy Stewart tells he funniest joke he has ever heard. It will have you doubled over in laughter.