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At some point, everyone will have a water bottle in their car. It’s important to stay hydrated and water bottles are incredibly easy to take with you in the car.

Having a water bottle in your car isn’t something that seems dangerous, but Idaho Power is warning people after a water bottle almost caught a technician’s truck on fire.

Battery technician Dioni Amuchastegu was having lunch in his work truck when he noticed smoke on the seat. His water bottle was refracting light and actually burning the seat. The bottle was acting as a magnifying glass and setting the seat on fire.

A thermometer registered the temperature under the light of the water bottle at 213 degrees. The inside of the truck wasn’t that hot as Dioni was sitting there eating lunch.

Idaho Power posted the video below on Facebook to warn others to keep their water bottles out of the sun. It’s an important video to watch as so many of us drink water bottles in our vehicles!

This could have been a disaster if he hadn’t been right there to notice the smoke. This certainly is a danger that I never considered. You don’t think about water causing a fire!

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