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Grilling out is an important part of summer. Cleaning your grill afterwards is never fun and for some people it has turned into a nightmare.

Chester Poole ended up at the hospital after a wire bristle from his grill brush was left behind and ended up in his food. The bristle was lodged in his throat making a stabbing feeling every time he swallowed. His Facebook post about this has gone viral because this is actually something that happens regularly.

As most of you know i rarely post items about my life for all to see, however i am making an exception in this case as i…

Posted by Chester Poole on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

That hurts just thinking about it. I am certainly going to be tossing out my wire brush. I hate to think about this happening to my children.

The video below, a man tells about a wire from a grill brush ended up in his intestine, causing him serious issues. Tips for cleaning your grill by other means are included.

Brushtec is Good Housekeeping approved. You may want to search for other cleaning devices like this or use aluminum foil instead.

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Source: Country Living

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