Tim Conway Elephant story

The old sketch comedy shows are so fun to watch. Nothing was ever the same from one episode to the next. The best part was when the actors had to fight back their own laughter to continue with the skit.

That’s what happened on a “Mama’s Family” skit on The Carol Burnett Show. Tim Conway wouldn’t let the scene continue until he told a story about a circus elephant and a dwarf.

His castmates used everything in their power to control themselves from laughing out loud. They were almost paralyzed as Tim told his story and they tried not to react. It can be so painful to be in a situation where you want to bust out laughing but have to control it.

You can really see the pain on their faces in this skit as they try to contain their laughter at Tim’s hilarious story. They tried to hide their faces so the audiences wouldn’t see all of their expressions. Carol Burnett had a particularly hard time controlling her laughter.

Watch the video below for a really good laugh and a trip down memory lane!

The reactions from the castmates made the story even better! Could you have held in your laughter? I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t have been able to! They must have laughed for ten minutes after the scene cut!

Tim Conway made a bit of a habit of trying to get his castmates to laugh during their routines. He would hijack a skit to get a get a reaction from the other actors. Poor Harvey Korman had to use all his powers to restrain himself from cackling when Conway pretended to be a dog. The harder Harvey fought the laughter, the more Tim pushed the envelope! Click here to watch that hysterical sketch.

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