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Classic sketch comedy shows are unlike anything that is on television today. Dean Martin, Flip Wilson, and Carol Burnett’s shows really could make us laugh and help us forget our worries.

The most memorable skits are the ones where the actors try to make each other laugh. It became a game to see if they could keep it together or burst out laughing.

Who’s A Good Puppy?

That is exactly the game that Tim Conway played on Harvey Korman when he pretended to be a dog during their skit on “The Carol Burnett Show.”

You know that Harvey was trying to gain his composure when he would hang his head down. Well, his head was down most of the time that Tim Conway was licking and pawing at him while dressed in a suit.

Harvey worked hard to hold back his laughter. This only emboldened Conway who saw it as a challenge and stepped up his puppy act.

If you love classic TV, you will love the video below!

Poor Harvey! He probably laughed for 10 minutes after they finished filming that scene!

He somehow kept it together pretty well when he really wanted to chuckle!

Tim Conway had a habit of doing this. He would sometimes hijack a skit in an attempt to see if he could make his cast mates leave their characters and react to him naturally.

He also tried this on a Mama’s Family skit on “The Carol Burnett Show.”

The other actors were paralyzed as they tried to fight back their laughter. Carol was sitting next to Tim and she kept burying her head to keep herself from cracking up. Click here to watch that video.

This is why we loved to watch Tim Conway! You never knew what he was going to do, but you knew it was going to be funny!

Conway Steals The Scene Again

In yet another hilarious scene from “The Carol Burnett Show,” Korman attempts to get a boarding pass from the security guard, played by Tim Conway, and predictably things went horribly wrong.

Check out that skit below:

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