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Mark Ruffalo
June 15, 2017
Earlier this week, liberal Hollywood actor Mark Ruffalo, who currently plays the Hulk in Marvel's cinematic universe, took to Twitter…
Kathy Griffin
June 2, 2017
Air Force veteran Wayne Dupree is pissed off about Kathy Griffin's despicable and frankly humiliating press conference on Friday where…
Spending Bill
May 5, 2017
Republicans in the House led by Paul Ryan passed a $1.1 trillion spending bill. After the bill passed the Senate,…
Steve Stephens
April 17, 2017
Steve Stephens must be caught and brought to justice, but his mother should also be arrested. Wayne Dupree explains why.
Sage Steele
April 5, 2017
ESPN removed conservative host Sage Steele from the air in a doubling down of the network turning political and acting…
Sean Spicer
April 3, 2017
President Donald Trump donated a portion of his salary to the National Park Service.
Wanda Sykes
March 31, 2017
Wayne Dupree of Tell Me Now points out the hypocrisy of liberal comedians like Wanda Sykes who give liberal politicians…
March 24, 2017
A Florida man was arrested for eating pancakes in the middle of traffic as a prank. He was charged with…
Erica Dixon
March 23, 2017
Erica Dixon, the star of TV's "Love and Hip Hop," was recently arrested for fleeing the scene of a traffic…