Kathy Griffin

Air Force veteran Wayne Dupree is pissed off about Kathy Griffin’s despicable and frankly humiliating press conference on Friday where she blamed everyone but herself for her own predicament. Does it sound familiar? Because it sure sounds a whole lot like Hillary Clinton blaming everyone but herself.

Wayne starts off on fire, “The biggest bunch of crocodile tears I’ve ever seen in my life. Kathy Griffin, what the hell is wrong with you!”

He didn’t stop there.

You decided to do a video to cut his head off and put blood all on it and you thought it was a joke. Now many people think like me that it was premeditated. You knew what you were doing. You knew how. You knew why. You knew when. And I even think you pre-planned this press conference.

Watch this brutal take down of Kathy Griffin:

Wayne is right on point. Kathy Griffin played the victim card and refused to take responsibility for herself.

She also did premeditate this attack. She was even thinking about attacking Barron Trump all the way back in December!

Enough is enough. Your crocodile tears and obvious fake and terrible acting will not sway anyone. It’s time for you to pay the piper for your disgusting, terrible actions.

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