Everyone knows Hollywood leans left. The land of the stars is disproportionately liberal compared to the rest of the country.

By now, you’ve probably heard about the highly embarrassing bungle of awarding Best Picture. The musical “La La Land” was mistakenly awarded the biggest prize of the night. However, it turned out when everything was said and done that “Moonlight,” a coming-of-age tale about a man in Miami, was the real winner.

The botching of the award-giving was not surprising, Tell Me Now’s Wayne Dupree asks a simple question if Hollywood can’t even get a simple awards show right, how in the world do they think they can try and run the world?

Watch Wayne’s Take:

What do you think of Wayne’s comparison? Is Hollywood so out-of-touch with reality that they can’t perform basic tasks, like making sure they award the right movie the coveted Best Picture award? Is there something in the water at Hollywood that drives all the stars batty?

And if Hollywood can’t get the biggest moment on the biggest night of the year right, why should we ever trust celebrities’ opinions when it comes to politics?

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