Wanda Sykes

When liberal comedienne Wanda Sykes joined Conan O’Brien, she wasted little time before cracking jokes at President Donald Trump’s expense.

“The man is 70 years old! Those are things you teach kids,” she said, referencing people lecturing Trump to be more presidential.

Now, it’s no secret that many comedians are liberal. But Tell Me Now’s Wayne Dupree asks a relevant question: Where were all these jokesters under Barack Obama?

How is it that people in comedy took a break for eight years when Obama was in the White House?

I agree with Wayne. It’s beyond hypocritical for comedians to blast President Trump, but to hold their fire under a Democratic president.

If these comedians had any guys, they would be equal opportunity offenders. Instead, they’re bootlickers for the Hillary Clintons and Bernie Sanders-types of the world.


Like if you think comedians who gave Obama a pass are cowards!

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