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Prince Andrew wants trial by jury
January 27, 2022
Prince Andrew demands a trial by jury for the sexual assault claims that have been made against him by Virginia Roberts Giuffre.
Ghislaine Maxwell former assistant
December 17, 2021
Ghislaine Maxwell’s former assistant testified this week in Maxwell’s trial saying it was “fun” to work for her and Jeffrey Epstein.
Ghislaine Maxwell defender
December 13, 2021
Ghislaine Maxwell just earned herself a very unlikely defender who said that she knows “what it’s like to be scapegoated.”
Ghislaine Maxwell accuser Annie Farmer testifies Epstein trial touch breast
December 10, 2021
Ghislaine Maxwell’s final accuser, Annie Farmer, testified the alleged madam touched her breasts at Epstein’s ranch when she was underage.
Ghislaine Maxwell Queen
December 9, 2021
Ghislaine Maxwell has been pictured lounging on Queen Elizabeth’s Balmoral estate with the late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.
Jussie Smollett testimony
December 8, 2021
Jussie Smollett snapped on the stand while testifying on Tuesday, with legal experts saying that it was an “unparalleled disaster.”
Jussie Smollett trial testimony Osundairo brothers sexual relationship
December 7, 2021
Jussie Smollett dropped a bomb during his testimony, claiming that he had a sexual relationship with his alleged attacker.
Jussie Smollett hearing Osundairo brothers testify testimony attack was staged
December 3, 2021
The second of the Osundairo brothers testified that Jussie Smollett staged his attack, telling them to use slurs.
Prince Andrew Ghislaine Maxwell
December 2, 2021
Prince Andrew’s cousin spoke out to make damning claims about Ghislaine Maxwell, saying that she saw Epstein as her savior.
Jussie Smollett staged hate crime
December 1, 2021
A Chicago cop destroyed Jussie Smollett on the stand, saying that his “alleged hate crime was actually a staged event.”
Jussie Smollett trial begins
November 30, 2021
Legal experts are saying that it’s likely Jussie Smollett will be found guilty of perpetuating a false crime. His trial begins this week.
Kyle Rittenhouse LeBron James Twitter mocks law enforcement
November 12, 2021
Kyle Rittenhouse fired back at LeBron James after the NBA star accused him of fake tears during his high profile murder trial.
OJ Simpson Nicole Brown Simpson abuse secret diary murder documentary
September 29, 2020
Personal diaries kept by Nicole Brown Simpson, ruled inadmissible at OJ’s murder trial, are now being made public in a new documentary.
Oscars ratings hit all-time low thanks to Joaquin Phoenix and Brad Pitt
February 10, 2020
The ratings for the Oscars are in, and they are at an all time low. Most Americans don’t want to watch the “woke snoozefest” that is the Academy Awards.
trial by combat
January 22, 2020
A Kansas man handed in a request to the judge presiding over his divorce case asking him to approve a ‘trial by combat’ for him against his ex-wife. 
The U.S. Attorney addressed Lori Loughlin's sentencing outlook in a press conference. He said to expect a far harsher sentence than Felicity Huffman.
October 8, 2019
The U.S. Attorney addressed the sentencing outlook for Lori Loughlin in a new interview. He said to expect a far harsher sentence than Felicity Huffman.